10FT Shipping Containers

Experience secure storage like never before with our versatile range of 10ft shipping containers and smaller options. These compact containers offer safety and convenience for various storage needs.

Versatile Applications:

Our 10ft shipping containers cater to a wide range of storage requirements, making them an ideal choice for both personal and professional use. Common uses include garden storage, tool storage, bike storage, groundskeepers’ equipment, handymen’s tools, and tradesmen’s supplies. They also serve admirably as secure storage units on construction sites and within educational institutions like schools and colleges.

Space-Efficient Design:

These small yet mighty containers can snugly fit into a standard parking space, ensuring efficient use of space wherever you need them. For sites lacking heavy lifting equipment, our crane-equipped trucks can effortlessly lift and position these containers on the ground, ensuring hassle-free placement.

Additional Options:

If your storage needs demand even smaller or slightly larger containers, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range, which includes containers ranging from 5ft to 9ft for compact storage solutions and options from 11ft to 15ft, available on back order.

Choose our compact 10ft shipping containers and smaller storage solutions for secure, convenient, and space-efficient storage that meets your unique needs. Whether it’s safeguarding your garden tools, organizing supplies for your business, or creating an archive, these containers provide the dependable security you deserve.

Available 10FT & 8FT Containers

Our 10 foot length shipping containers are a fantastic solution for your small or medium capacity storage needs. These are usually used for storage and shipping, as well as for tools, household goods and site equipment.


We have both new and used models, and these are available with the following standard features: 27mm plywood marine floor and several lashing points, several air vents, and are also completely watertight and windproof. All new models come with a lockbox as standard, but please note that this is only an optional feature in used models.

They may be used in a number of industries and applications: chemical suppliers, agriculture, supermarkets and leisure clubs as well as a whole range of other sectors.

We are national suppliers to the construction company Persimmon Homes, and often provide our 10 foot shipping containers to them for their building projects.

10ft Mini-Set Containers

The Mini-Set comprises of two 10′ x 8′ containers with one 8′ x 7′ inside of each. The perfect set!

External Sizes

External SizesLength (ft | mm)Width (ft | mm)Height (ft | mm)
10ft General Purpose9′ 10″ | 2991mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
10ft Mini-Set9′ 10″ | 2991mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm

Internal Sizes

Internal SizesLength (ft | mm)Width (ft | mm)Height (ft | mm)
10ft General Purpose9′ 3″ | 2831mm7′ 9″ | 2352mm7′ 10″ | 2393mm
10ft Mini-Set9′ 3″ | 2831mm7′ 9″ | 2352mm7′ 10″ | 2393mm


WeightGross Weight ( kg | lbs)Tare Weight ( kg | lbs)Net Weight ( kg | lbs)
10ft General Purpose10160 kg | 22400 lbs1300 kg | 2870 lbs8860 kg | 19530 lbs
10ft Mini-Set10160 kg | 22400 lbs1300 kg | 2870 lbs8860 kg | 19530 lbs

Reasons to shop with us

  • All our 10ft containers come with a full wind & watertight guarantee
  • Our 10ft storage containers have a 12 month warranty against natural water or weather ingress **
  • We have knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you choose the right specification
  • Best container prices – we will not be beaten on price!