20FT Shipping Containers

Experience the exceptional versatility of our 20ft shipping containers—a standard size perfectly suited for various transportation modes. These containers are renowned for offering outstanding value for money and are an ideal choice for both domestic and everyday storage needs, prioritizing security and safety.

Exceptional Versatility:

Our 20ft shipping containers, known for their popularity, excel in storage versatility. They’re the preferred choice for a wide range of applications, making them excellent for both residential and commercial use. These containers provide secure and spacious storage solutions, ensuring peace of mind.

Ideal for Storage:

Common uses for 20ft shipping containers are as diverse as their capabilities. They’re frequently rented out as self-storage units, making them a convenient choice for individuals seeking extra space. These containers also find their place on construction sites, accommodating tools and machinery. Additionally, they serve as a replacement for traditional sheds in garden storage, offering enhanced security and durability. Businesses benefit from secure on-site and off-site storage for stock, machinery, and essential documents. Sports clubs, schools, allotments, farms, and many more find these containers indispensable for equipment and resource storage.

Choose our versatile 20ft shipping containers to meet your storage needs with ease. Whether you require secure self-storage, on-site tool and equipment storage, or a reliable garden shed replacement, these containers deliver the space, security, and peace of mind you deserve.

We offer a huge range of 20ft containers for sale in the US from out network of depots including standard new (one trip), used and refurbished containers, side opening and tunnel containers.

Available 20FT Containers


Our 20 foot shipping containers are designed for shipping and for general storage but they can be purposed for much more than just these everyday functions; they have a broad range of applications including use in pubs, bespoke use in retail outlets and shops, and in canteens and studios.

They can similarly be used in a huge diversity of industries, including agriculture, construction, firework retailers and sports and social clubs, among many others.

We have a wide range of both new and used 20 foot containers. These are all built with 27mm plywood flooring, an ample number of lashing points and air vents. They are all fully windproof and watertight. Our new models are fitted with lock boxes, although for our used models this is optional.

External Sizes

External SizesLength (ft | mm)Width (ft | mm)Height (ft | mm)
20ft General Purpose19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
20ft High Cube19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm9′ 6″ | 2896mm
20ft Double Door19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
20ft Open Tops19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
20ft Full Side Access19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
20ft Flat Racks19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm
20ft Refrigerated19′ 11″ | 6058mm8′ | 2438mm8′ 6″ | 2591mm

Internal Sizes

Internal SizesLength (ft | mm)Width (ft | mm)Height (ft | mm)
20ft General Purpose19′ 4″ | 5898mm7′ 9″ | 2352mm7′ 10″ | 2393mm
20ft High Cube19′ 4″ | 5898mm7′ 9″ | 2352mm8′ 10″ | 2698mm
20ft Double Door19′ 2″ | 5844mm7′ 9″ | 2350mm7′ 10″ | 2390mm
20ft Open Tops19′ 4″ | 5898mm7′ 9″ | 2352mm7′ 10″ | 2393mm
20ft Full Side Access19′ 4″ | 5898mm7′ 6″ | 2288mm7′ 5″ | 2254mm
20ft Flat Racks19′ 5″ | 5920mm7′ 4″ | 2227mm7′ 4″ | 2233mm
20ft Refrigerated17′ 11″ | 5456mm7′ 6″ | 2290mm7′ 6″ | 2284mm


WeightGross Weight ( kg | lbs)Tare Weight ( kg | lbs)Net Weight ( kg | lbs)
20ft General Purpose30480 kg | 67200 lbs2230 kg | 4920 lbs28250 kg | 62280 lbs
20ft High Cube30480 kg | 67200 lbs2320 kg | 5120 lbs28160 kg | 62080 lbs
20ft Double Door30480 kg | 67200 lbs2450 kg | 5405 lbs28030 kg | 61795 lbs
20ft Open Tops24000 kg | 52910 lbs2300 kg | 5070 lbs21700 kg | 47840 lbs
20ft Full Side Access24000 kg | 52910 lbs2880 kg | 8710 lbs21120 kg | 46560 lbs
20ft Flat Racks34000 kg | 74957 lbs2740 kg | 6041 lbs31260 kg | 68916 lbs
20ft Refrigerated30480 kg | 67200 lbs3100 kg | 6834 lbs27380 kg | 60366 lbs

Reasons to shop with us

  • All our 20ft containers come with a full wind & watertight guarantee
  • Our 20ft storage containers have a 12 month warranty against natural water or weather ingress **
  • All our shipping containers for export use come with a CSC plate if required
  • Our staff are skilled & knowledgeable and will help you get the right product for your needs
  • We will not be beaten on price!