5 Tips to Maintaining Your Shipping Container Roof

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Your shipping container’s roof is under a lot of stress. From weather to accumulated debris, many things can take a heavy toll on the roof of your container. That’s why you need to pay special attention to this part of your container to ensure it lasts a long time and doesn’t require repair.

1.    Buy Your Container From a Reputable Source

With thousands of shipping containers available for purchase in the market at any given time, it’s vital that you investigate the quality of the container you choose, as well as the capabilities of the manufacturer before committing. Make sure the container is in good condition. Check the age of the container and look for significant damage. Here at Flair Containers, we carefully select what kinds of containers we sell and rent.

2.    Don’t Put Too Much Weight on the Roof

The structural integrity of your container actually depends on the strength of the corner castings, which are the reinforced corners of the container, rather than the roof itself. Keep in mind, if you walk across the roof or store heavy items up there, it will bow and flex. If you need rooftop access or storage, ask your manufacturer to reinforce the roof.

3.    Remove Debris, Water, Ice, and Snow

While shipping container roofs are quite resilient, it’s always best to help things along by removing standing water, ice, and snow that start to build up on the roof for long periods of time. If you ignore ponding water, this can lead to rust, thinning metal, or moisture accumulation. Clean off the roof after all weather events just to be safe.

4.    Remove Visible Dirt and Surface Rust

Using a commercial wetting agent, bleach, or anti-mildew solution, as well as a hose and broom, get off all the rust and dirt you can see on the roof.

5.    Conduct Regular Inspections of the Roof

It’s important to regularly maintain and care for the roof of your shipping container. Then, those dents tend to collect rainwater which leads to corrosion on chipped paint. Repair all dents right away and treat them with rust-proof paint to guard against corrosion. Take a look at the roof every so often to ensure it’s free of debris and damage.

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