Our 20ft double doors shipping containers have the same specifications as the 20ft container but with double door at each end that feature four locking bars and waist high handles. They are available in both the standard height and the high cube variant.

They come with a lockbox on each double door as standard, have 10 vents for optimal air ventilation and feature a high-quality marine plywood floor.
These are the best spec standard 20ft shipping containers available in the US in terms of build quality and available additional features. We typically recommend the standard ranges for static storage use, and the high spec option for customers who may end up moving the container around a fair amount.


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Discover Versatile Storage with Our NEW 20FT DOUBLE END DOOR Shipping Container

When it comes to storing smaller items and palletized goods, our NEW 20ft tunnel containers offer a versatile solution. These containers are tailor-made for hassle-free storage, providing easy access via the double end doors for convenient loading and unloading, whether by hand or forklift.

Key Features for Your Convenience:

  • Perfect for Small Items: Our 20ft tunnel containers are designed to accommodate smaller items and palletized goods, making them an excellent choice for various storage needs.
  • Double End Doors: The inclusion of double end doors ensures effortless access, allowing you to load and unload your items with ease. Whether you choose to do it by hand or use a forklift, convenience is at your fingertips.
  • Adaptable for Self Storage: These tunnel containers are a popular choice among self-storage companies. Some opt to divide the container into two 10ft stores, providing flexible storage solutions.
  • Nearly New: These containers are nearly new, having completed only a single journey from their place of origin in China, where they were expertly manufactured.

Features to Depend On:

  • Brand New (One Trip Only): Rest assured that you’re investing in a container that’s virtually brand new, with just one trip under its belt.
  • CSC Plated: With a maximum gross weight of 30 tons, these containers offer substantial capacity for your storage needs.
  • All Cor-Ten Steel Construction: The construction is solid and dependable, ensuring that your items are protected.
  • Double Doors at Each End: Enjoy flexibility in accessing your stored items with double doors on both ends.
  • Locking Bars and Lockboxes: Security is paramount with two locking bars on each door and a factory-fitted lockbox on each end.
  • Forklift-Friendly: Convenient forklift pockets on each side simplify transportation and positioning.
  • Quality Flooring: A 28mm Marine Plywood floor rests on steel cross members for stability and durability.
  • Ventilation: Four vents promote optimal airflow within the container.

Options for Your Needs:

These tunnel containers are available for purchase online or by reaching out to our knowledgeable container sales team. Additionally, if you require a larger storage solution, we also offer a 40ft tunnel container for sale.

Unlock versatile storage options with our NEW 20FT DOUBLE END DOOR Shipping Container, designed to cater to your unique storage needs. Whether you’re a self-storage company or require dependable storage for smaller items, this container delivers.


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28mm Marine Ply