Our 20ft high cube shipping containers are perfect if you need the same length and width as a 20ft General Purpose but need some extra height as these containers have an external height of 9′ – 6″.

They have the same features as a normal 20ft, with double doors at one end, available in blue or green and four locking bars. They come with a lockbox as standard, have 10 vents for optimal air ventilation and feature a high-quality marine plywood floor.
We offer a selection of new and used 20ft containers. All are built with with 27mm flooring (plywood), a multitude of lashing points and air vents, and are fully watertight and windproof. All new models come with a lock box too, whereas these are optional in used products


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When it comes to accommodating plant machinery and taller equipment like diggers, our NEW 20ft high cube shipping containers truly stand tall. With an external height of 9ft 6in, these containers offer the extra space you need to securely store your valuable equipment.

Key Features for Buyers:

  • Perfect for Plant Machinery: The added height of our high cube containers makes them an ideal choice for plant machinery and taller equipment. Say goodbye to storage limitations and hello to enhanced versatility.
  • Brand New (One Trip): These high cube containers are in pristine condition, having completed just one voyage. You can trust in their quality and reliability.
  • Built for Strength: Crafted from all Cor-Ten Steel, these containers exemplify robust construction, ensuring they can withstand the test of time.
  • Efficient Access: Exterior hinged double doors at one end facilitate effortless loading and unloading, while two locking bars on each door provide top-notch security.
  • Enhanced Security: A factory-fitted lockbox comes as standard, adding an extra layer of security to safeguard your valuable equipment.
  • Forklift Friendly: Equipped with forklift pockets on each side, these containers are designed for easy transportation and placement.
  • Quality Flooring: A 28mm Marine Plywood floor rests on steel cross members, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Ventilation Matters: Featuring 4/10 vents, these containers prioritize air circulation to maintain optimal storage conditions.

Availability and Delivery:

Our NEW 20ft high cube container is available for purchase online, providing you with a hassle-free buying experience. We offer delivery services to various locations throughout the US, ensuring your container reaches you conveniently.

For any inquiries or assistance, our friendly container sales team is ready to provide guidance and support. Elevate your storage solutions with a container that combines extra height, strength, and security. Choose our NEW 20ft high cube shipping container for a storage solution that reaches new heights.


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28mm Marine Ply