When you need a much wider load area a 20ft open side shipping container might be the solution. Available in both standard height and high cube, they feature doors along the 20ft side and at one end, giving you full side access and making them ideal for certain type of container conversions.

They come with a lockbox on each door as standard, have vents for optimal air ventilation and feature a high-quality marine plywood floor.

These containers come CSC Plated ready to be used as cargo containers.
The 20 foot shipping containers we have are of a standard size which is well suited to a variety of transport modes. Always excellent value for money, they are just right for both domestic and for everyday storage needs, particularly when security and safety are predominant concerns.


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Designed for secure storage & shipping our new 20ft x 8ft standard shipping containers (blue RAL 5013) are available for sale throughout the UK.

These 20ft containers were manufactured in China and used to ship cargo into the UK on a single trip. This is the most common type of “new” shipping containers in the UK as it is much cheaper than UK/European manufactured containers, yet retains the same high ISO standard build quality.

New Container (one trip)
CSC plated (gross weight) maximum: 30 ton
Constructed from Cor-Ten Steel
Hinged double doors at one end
Each door contains two locking bars
A factory fitted lock box included as standard
2 x forklift pockets on each side
28mm Marine ply floor on steel cross members
4 Vents to eliminate condensation


External Length (m) 6.06
External Width (m) 2.44
External Height (m) 2.59
Internal Length (m) 5.84
Internal Width (m) 2.35
Internal Height (m) 2.39
Door Width (m) 2.34
Door Height (m) 2.28
Weight (kg) 2180
Floor Type 28mm Marine Ply