Made from COR-TEN A grade steel, these shipping containers rust very slowly (as rust forms, the rust itself is non-porous or won’t let water through making them extremely resilient) and if sat static on your site there’s really very little to go wrong with these containers. Although we offer a 12-month wind and watertight guarantee with every shipping container we sell, you should really expect up to a generation of quality use from one of these containers.



In Stock


  • 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • For site storage or for export use
  • Comes with a circa 5 year CSC (for export)
  • High-Security lock box/padlock cover included on the cargo doors
  • Door opening is 7′ 8” wide x 7′ 6” high
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • Marine plywood floor (circa 28mm)
  • Fantastic long term value
  • Corten steel construction (COR-TEN A grade)
  • Multiple lashing points for shipping/strapping
  • Available in Blue (RAL5010 or RAL5013) and Green (RAL6007 or RAL6028)

These one trip (new) 20ft shipping containers have all done one recent trip over from China with freight inside. They won’t have been on any domestic hire jobs or used for any other imports so they are genuine new / one trip / fresh as you can get shipping containers. Typically, 2-5 months old we take 4-5 deliveries every year into most of our US depots. Typically, available in plain blue and green options.

The one trip (new) shipping containers offer the best very long term value and we recommend them for long term storage use, or for when you need a neat and smart container on your site. They should last 2-3x the life of a used container, will look a lot smarter and hold a better resale value should you want to sell them on in some years’ time.

With a one trip container, you get a smart and neat storage unit in excellent condition. There may be one or two small imperfections consistent with its initial trip over from China but it will be in near perfect condition.

All one trip shipping containers come with a factory-fitted lockbox (padlock cover) for additional security. We also offer a range of high spec 20ft shipping containers which come with 10 vents for reduced condensation build-up and a varnished floor.


Length 20ft (6.058-6.096m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m)
Length 19ft 4ins (5.898m)
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.35m)
Height 7ft 10ins (2.38-2.39m)
Door Opening
Width 7ft 8ins (2.33-2.38m)
Height 7ft 6ins (2.28m)
Floor Area 150sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1172 cu ft (33.18m3)
Weight 1.8-2.4 tons (1800-2400 Kgs)
Max Cargo (Export only) 21500 Kgs – 28,235 Kgs (Different max cargo weights available)
Fork Pockets
Width 1ft 2ins (360mm)
Height 4 1/2ins (115mm)
Centre to Centre 6ft 9ins +/- 2ins (2050mm +/- 50mm)