Our 40ft shipping containers are the largest size that we offer, they are suited for the same purpose as the smaller 20ft containers while offering double the storage capacity. Available as once used or second-hand.
40ft containers are the largest standard size that we offer, being the perfect solution for those customers who need to store or ship large quantities of cargo. They are made from durable corten steel and can be stacked up to 8 containers high. We offer them as once used or second-hand and they all come wind and watertight.


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Discover the versatility and reliability of our top-grade 40ft shipping containers, available in vibrant blue or lush green. These containers have undergone a single voyage from China to the United States and are now ready to serve your storage, transportation, or modification needs. With robust construction, essential features, and optional enhancements, these containers redefine convenience.

Product Highlights:

  • First-Class Quality: Crafted in China, our 40ft shipping containers adhere to the highest industry standards. They guarantee exceptional durability and performance, ensuring your cargo or modifications remain secure.
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with double doors at one end, these containers simplify loading and unloading. Four locking bars with waist-high door handles add convenience and security to every access.
  • Optimal Airflow: For improved ventilation, our containers feature ten vents. This design choice helps maintain a fresh interior environment, ideal for various applications.
  • Built to Last: Weather-resistant and windtight, these containers offer unparalleled protection against the elements. Your valuable contents stay safe and dry in any climate.
  • Quality Flooring: Inside, you’ll find a top-notch marine plywood floor, ready to withstand heavy loads and ensure longevity.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your container to your needs. Choose from bespoke painting options to match your branding or opt for the practicality of a lockbox at an additional cost.

Additional Information:

  • Size Matters: Our 40ft containers measure a generous 40ft in length, 8ft in width, and 8ft 6in in height, providing ample space for various applications.
  • Export Ready: New containers come CSC plated for export, making them an excellent choice for international shipping.
  • Lashing Points: Multiple lashing points inside the container offer secure tie-down options for your cargo.
  • Color Options: While new containers are available in vibrant blue or lush green, second-hand units come in their original color.

Please note that the number of vents may vary on second-hand units, and they are supplied without a lockbox as a standard feature. However, you have the option to add a lockbox at an additional cost to enhance security.

Invest in our premium 40ft shipping containers today to experience unmatched reliability, security, and versatility for your storage and transportation needs. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for cargo shipping or planning a custom modification project, our containers are ready to exceed your expectations.


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